Here we are


Exactly, 3 months I was retreating from the blogging world, when I needed a spare time just to keep silent in my own “cave”. Ohooo, this run away makes me miss to back, finally. Oke, I’ll tell you a bit about where was I spending my time and concentration.

I was facing my heavy may in this 2012 (mmm… I mean: we, I and my husband especially). Some challenges came to us that involving so much energy. I entered into the 7-month pregnancy at that time and I had to be the strongest one to accompany and attend him, stay by his side even in the hardest tracks. And once again I realize a lesson: being a wife means being the one who gives the best supports and the best beliefs to someone whom I will spend the rest of my life with. Called husband. Being a wife means being the first front line supporter, as long as on the right path of course. And having him by my side, really makes me stronger, have to be stronger than I was, exactly. No need to tell the detail, but it was enough to made me have no mood to blogging.

Then I was facing my busy June. Began when I and my husband took a walk just for iseng in UNY, by hoping “Who knows, maybe we’ll find such a useful thing.” Ohooo… correctly. What we found next was obviously a fluke that we called: rezeki. We got such an announcement that I was interested: a chance. Lucky us,it was 19th of May we saw the announcement and just remain a day to apply that chance: deadline May 20th. Before preparing anything needed for that application, sure I made a deep loveful discuss with my lovely husband. Is it a matter if I go to work? Maybe he will not always see me at home whenever he comes home, if I go to work? Maybe he will be busier to help me run my work? (cause I entered into the 8-month pregnancy). And it was just like our chat before,he doesn’t matter if I go to work, as long as I love, enjoy, and still be able to do my obligation as a nice wife and a good mom (later, insya Allah). Actually, going work outside of home is not a must for me, as the same, it’s not a prohibition for me. And so does my husband think. But I just want to do more for some more needs out of home. For other works that I can dedicate to other people. And this is it, my passion is about in a line: education, being a teacher. I don’t know why, except about the philosophy of being a teacher, the other reason is just because I love and feel comfy with the call: teacher. And by those some reasons, we decided to try this chance. We actually still didn’t know how it would work, cause I was in the middle of the third trimester pregnancy.

Thanks GOD,  alhamdulillah, everything was going well. I was facing some steps of the recruitment proceses well, then joining the training for the new educators, held in 9 days, started at 8.00 till 15.00. Tiring days of course, but I was really cheerful enjoying that training. You know, I got so much new knowledges and skills that really help me to be smarter (I hope so). I feel like my brain awaken with the technique given to us. Oh yeah, I hope our raju also being smart joining this training with me (oke, Son?! hehe). After the training ended, we had to join apprentice (magang) for two weeks. Lucky me having my lovely Fachri, a very patient, faithful, fight-full, and smart of course, really help me to face my works easier. Still remember how he helped me to buy and prepare all that stuff I need, sometimes also doing my work (typing my paper, making flash card, decorating my media, etc.). And it were so sweet mornings when I was really tired after doing homeworks in the night, some times I needed to take a rest in the morning before going to school. And know, what did he do for me? He cleaned up all the rest of my works, preparing my stuff, and serve breakfast for me. When he woke me up, I was just having the nice breakfast and all my stuffs were already set up. Our house was already cleaned up too. Next, he still had to take me to go to school, and picked me up in the hot afternoon. Oh dear, so much thanks a lot for all you serve to attend me… :huge hug:

It was my June, already ended in 30th June, closed by my last work in this session: trained the sweet kids such a kind of dance for performance in the “rapotan day”. Well, my job as teacher next will be continued next year insya Allah, in the second semester coz sure I need enough furlough for my baby later, so I asked one semester for it . Now, I’m just involved as the assistant director (via online) to be consultant/corrector of the daily learning proposals (something like RPP, made by teachers everyday).

That’s it, see that I almost have no spare time (mmm… no mood to spare, maybe) to live blogging, hehehe.

And now, we’re in July. What’s up, man? Mmm, later I’ll tell insya Allah. I think I need to lie down for a while, alias menggeletakkan diri… kasian raju capek ntar, hehe :D

See u!


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