a LittLe Understanding


Hello world, hello my life. By the occurrences day by day, I found the way I know and understand you, hey my life. That it’s just a part of life (in this fleeting world) to face the various tracks. Thanks to Allah to show and help me how to pass it right, well done. In everything we do, everything we have, Allah will examine us. When we say “I’m faithful ya Allah“ next, Allah will examine us in this case, whether we are trully in faith or not. “Apakah manusia itu mengira bahwa mereka dibiarkan (saja) mengatakan: “Kami telah beriman”, sedang mereka tidak diuji lagi?” (QS. al ankabut: 2). Hence, in other cases, Allah will examine us too, to prove the trully of us. When you say (or just feeling or thinking): I’m patient, I can be strong, I can stay, I love, I hate, I care, I’m sure, and bla bla bla so on. Guess what?? One day, Allah will examine us about that, maybe by a trouble or problem. It’s such a trial, proving, or testing to know how right we pass that trouble, how much “tawakal” we do when we face that exam, how proper we are to achieve appreciation or great value as “mukhlishin, shobirin, mukminin” etc. However, Allah servants (hamba-hamba Allah) as nabi, rosul, and other sholihin, also get so strong ‘life examinations’, and that’s why they get the best value and appreciation. So, no matter what exam you are facing now, come on keep in faith and stay praying to Allah, to show us the right, to give us hidayah to pass it, well done. And it’s just like when we are schooling guys (we always have exam in a certain times), we’ll get the best value and certificate if we can do it well. In this life exam theme, just imagine like we’ll get a certificate of patience (for example), graduated wih mark A, excellent, super awesome! :D

Then, you can say to yourself: “Hello world, here I am to fight facing all my troubles of life!”




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