reviewing my writings (via fesbuk n blog). already wrote so many words, obviously. and of course, we’re (still always) in learning to do it better and better, day by day. need you to remind me to do so, sure honey ;)

re-reading our writings can be reminding our self, obviously. bring back the memories of how I passed through an event or story of my life, how did i feel and think, my view at that time.

and it’s true that writing and re-reading ours, makes us realize “how I was” recognizing our stated emotion (one way for self understanding). haaa looks like my thesis (skripsi :mrgreen: )

review my view


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  1. “once upon a time,when i was young…
    i do really really childish and babyfaced alike,somehow i do made an ababil and 4Lay-3r respons,so unmature and spoiled…”
    i can see all by my olden entries,even though i still was :mrgreen:

    • correct. another way except blogging is writing private diary, honestly. just for selftalk to ourself. i did so since kuliah, but a foolish that i just realize yesterday is: i forget my diary pasword, hehee. another fun is writing pre-wed diary, for every touching, sucks, or ‘galau’ing moment in the process into marriage. so funny when i re-read it again (with him :mrgreen: )

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